Terroir al Límit

The winery “Terroir al Límit“ was established 2001 by Dominik Huber and Eben Sadie in Torroja del Priorat, a quaint village surrounded by the vineyards of the Priorat, in the heart of Catalonia. Terroir al Límit is inspired by the burgundian idea of terroir. To encourage transparency in the wines, the farming is fully organic and strictly manual, apart from the mule frida. My cooperation with Dominik started 2017, I have designed the webpage for Terroir al Límit, Cal Compte and Terroir sense Fronteres. Additionally I have been developing a lot of internal and external marketing materials (presentations, shopping bags, press kits, folders, re-designing internal documents). www.terroir-al-limit.com, www.terroir-sense-fronteres.com


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